Mahogany, African

  • Latin name: Khaya Ivorensis
  • Common name(s): African Mahogany, Khaya
  • Sources: Central Africa East to West

CHARACTERISTICS: Only one of two species considered to be genuine mahogany, this species has light to dark red to reddish brown heartwood, medium coarse texture, and interlocked grain which appears as striped (frequently generically called Ribbon stripe). Where interlocked grain is absent, surface is relatively uneventful other than well defined cathedrals in crown cut veneer.

COMMON CUTS: Plain sliced, Quarter sliced, Rotary cut

JANKA: 830

USES: Architectural millwork, molding, judges panels, flat wall panels, some cabinetry, fine furniture, inlay, and accent trim.

AVAILABILITY: Reasonable. Often used in place of Honduras Mahogany which is restricted by CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).

PRICE: $$-$$$ depending on specifications